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What to Recycle?


Iron Cans
Iron Cans
Aluminium Cans
Aluminium Cans


Aerosol Can
Aerosol Cans
Chemical Container
Chemical Containers

How to Recycle?

Clean Recycling

  • Remove non-metal parts.
  • Empty and rinse metal containers.

Where to Recycle?

Metals can be put into recycling bins or delivered to GREEN@COMMUNITY.

Find out your nearest recycling facilities here.

When to Recycle?

The opening hours of GREEN@COMMUNITY, including Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores, and Recycling Spots, can be found on Waste Reduction Website and respective Facebook Page.

Find out your nearest recycling event schedule here.

Search Other Recyclables

Metal also include...

Can/aluminum can / tin can/ metal can, Cooking utensils, Milk powder can, Food container/ metal container, Barbecue grill net/Iron net/ Metal net/Barbecue fork, Pet cage, Metal basin/ sink bowl/stainless steel bowl, Metal tableware and e.t.c