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Mobile Environmental Resource Centre (MERC) Reservation Form:

Proposed Date and Time of Visit (1st choice) :
Proposed Date and Time of Visit (2nd choice) :
Notes for the Reservation:

  1. Please make the booking at least 1 month in advance.
  2. The applicant organisation should arrange and reserve adequate area for the Mobile Environmental Resource Centre (MERC).
  3. The entrance to the area should be large enough for the MERC (3.5m high x 7m long x 2.5m wide) to pass through.
  4. The applicant organisation must provide sufficient source of electricity supply (i.e. TWO individual 13-ampere single-phase power rectangular pin sockets) at the parking location. If the location of electricity supply is beyond the reach of MERC, please provide extension cords which comply with relevant safety specifications and have the power connected properly in advance.
  5. The applicant organisation should be responsible for the safety and discipline of the participants during the activity.
  6. The applicant organisation should provide a layout to show the location of the area, including the parking space of MERC and the power connection points.
  7. In the event that typhoon Signal No.3 or Red Rainstorm Signal or above is hoisted 2 hours prior to the start of the event, the activity will be cancelled and postponed. If it is hoisted during the activity, our staff will take into account the progress of the activity and the prevailing weather condition, discuss with and contact the organisation to decide whether to cancel or postpone the activity.
  8. The Environmental Protection Department will notify organisations of their application results via email.
  9. For enquiry, please contact our staff at 2835 2382.
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