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Location of Collection Points

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The information below was provided by the Home Affairs Department. For the updated list of Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank, please refer to website of the Home Affairs Department at

Aberdeen Tennis and Squash Square, 1 Aberdeen Praya Road, AberdeenSouthern
Aldrich Bay Community Hall next to Oi Po House, Oi Tung Estate, Shau Kei WanEastern
Aldrich Bay Park, Shau Kei Wan (Entrance of Oi Shun Road)Eastern
Anchor Street Playground, 55 Anchor Street, Mong KokYau Tsim Mong
Area between Block 21 and Block 22, Upper Baguio Villa, PokfulamSouthern
Area next to King Lam Neighbourhood Community Centre, King Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan OSai Kung
Area outside 1/F of Sheung Tak Community Hall, Sheung Mei House, Sheung Tak Estate, Tseung Kwan OSai Kung
Area outside Ap Lei Chau Community Hall, Ap Lei Chau Estate, Ap Lei ChauSouthern
Area outside Pao Yue Kong Swimming Pool Complex, 2 Shum Wan Road (opposite to San Wui Commercial Society Chan Pak Sha School)Southern
Area outside Royal Jubilee, San Wing Street, Sheung ShuiNorth
Area outside Shek Wu Hui Municipal Services Building, Sheung ShuiNorth
Argyle Street Playground, Kowloon CityKowloon City
Back Lane of Tai Ping Street, Tai OIslands
Beach Road Rest Garden, Repulse BaySouthern
Belcher Bay Park, 38 Kennedy Town Praya, Sai WanCentral & Western
Bellagio Park, 33 Castle Peak RoadTsuen Wan
Block 3, Serenity VillaTai Po
Broadway Street, Mei Foo Sun Chuen (between Block 65 and Block 67)Sham Shui Po
Butterfly Bay Community Centre, Butterfly Estate (near the patio)Tuen Mun
Caine Road Garden at the junction between Caine Road and Seymour Road (near the pavilion)Central & Western
Car Park of JC CastleTai Po
Car Park of North District Community Centre, 2 Lung Wan Street, Sheung ShuiNorth
Carpenter Road ParkKowloon City
Central-Mid-Levels Escalators (near the Exit at Robinson Road)Central & Western
Central-Mid-Levels Escalators (opposite to Vantage Park, 22 Conduit Road)Central & Western
Chai Wan Sports Centre, Yee Shun Street, Chai Wan (next to Yue Wan Market Building), Chai WanEastern
Cherry Street Park, 9 Hoi Ting Road, Mong KokYau Tsim Mong
Cheung Chau Sports Centre, Nam She TongIslands
Cheung Ching Estate Community Centre, 6 Ching Hong Road, Tsing YiKwai Tsing
Cheung Fat Estate Community Centre, 6 Tam Kon Shan Road, Tsing YiKwai Tsing
Cheung Wah Estate Community Hall, FanlingNorth
Chik Fu Street Rest Garden, Tai WaiSha Tin
Choi Sai Woo Park, Braemar Hill (near Pacific Palisades), North PointEastern
Choi Wan Estate Community Centre, 38 Choi Fung Path, Choi Wan (I) Estate, Ngau Chi Wan (near the entrance on G/F)Wong Tai Sin
Covered Playground of Tai Po Community Centre, No. 2, Heung Sze Wui StreetTai Po
Fu Heng Neighbourhood Community Centre (outside the back door)Tai Po
Fung Kam Street PlaygroundYuen Long
G/F, Ap Lei Chau Municipal Services Building, 8 Hung Shing Street, Ap Lei ChauSouthern
G/F, Fu Tung Shopping Centre (near the corner of the Car Park), Tung ChungIslands
G/F, Lei Yue Mun Municipal Services BuildingKwun Tong
G/F, Leung Ma House, Ma Hang Estate, Cape Road, StanleySouthern
G/F, Luen Wo Hui Community Hall, 9 Wo Mun Street, Luen Wo Hui, FanlingNorth
G/F, North District Government Offices, 3 Pik Fung Road, FanlingNorth
G/F, Sai Tso Wan Neighbourhood Community Centre, Lam TinKwun Tong
G/F, Tai Hing Government Offices, 16 Tsun Wen RoadTuen Mun
G/F, Tseng Choi Street Community Hall, 27 Tseng Choi Street, Tuen MunTuen Mun
G/F, Tuen Mun Government Offices, Tuen Hi RoadTuen Mun
Gate 8 of Victoria Park (near three-coloured waste separation bins)Eastern
Greenfield Garden (at the back of the office of the Owners’ Corporation)Tai Po
Heng On Estate Community Centre, Heng On Estate, Ma On ShanSha Tin
Henry G. Leong Yaumatei Community Centre, 60 Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei (in the open-air passage near the covered playground)Yau Tsim Mong
Hin Keng Neighbourhood Community Centre, No.5, Hin Wo Lane, Sha TinSha Tin
Hollywood Road Park, 263 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan (near the public toilet)Central & Western
Junction between Mau Yip Road and Mau Tai Road, Tseung Kwan OSai Kung
Junction between Pui Shing Road and Pui Shing Lane, Tseung Kwan OSai Kung
Kam Fung Street Sitting-out Area (near the entrance)Wong Tai Sin
Kam Tin Market Playground, Tai Hong WaiYuen Long
Kat Cheung Crescent, FanlingNorth
Kennedy Town Community Complex, 12 Rock Hill Road, Sai WanCentral & Western
Kin Choi Community Hall, 6/F, Choi Ming Shopping Centre Extension, Kin Ming Estate, Tseung Kwan OSai Kung
King George V Memorial Park, Sheung Wan (near the entrance at Hospital Road)Central & Western
King’s Park Recreation Ground, King’s ParkYau Tsim Mong
Kong Pui Street Rest Garden, Sha TinSha Tin
Kowloon Bay Sports Ground, 15 Kai Lok Street (near the main entrance)Kwun Tong
Kowloon Park, 22 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (near the entrance)Yau Tsim Mong
Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre (near the exit of the public transport interchange)Kowloon City
Kwai Fong Community Hall, 2 Lai Fong Street, Kwai ChungKwai Tsing
Kwan Yick Building Phase I, 430-440 Des Voeux Road West (inside the mall), Sai WanCentral & Western
Kwong Hon Terrance Garden, 48-50 Aberdeen Street, Sheung Wan (near the Wellcome Supermarket at 99 Caine Road)Central & Western
Kwong Ming Street, Wan Chai (Behind the Kwong Ming Street Playground)Wan Chai
Kwun Tong Community Centre, 17 Tsui Ping RoadKwun Tong
Lai Chi Kok Garden (Near Exit B of Mei Foo Station)Sham Shui Po
Lai Chi Kok Park (Phase II), 1 Lai Wan Road (Exit A of Mei Foo Station)Sham Shui Po
Lai Chi Kok Road/ Tai Nan Street Sitting-out AreaYau Tsim Mong
Lai King Community Hall, 205, Lai King Hill Road, Kwai ChungKwai Tsing
Lam Tin South Sports Centre, Pik Wan Road, Lam TinKwun Tong
Lee On Community Hall, Lee On Community Services Complex, Lee On Estate, Ma On ShanSha Tin
Lei Muk Shue Community Hall, Lei Muk Shue EstateTsuen Wan
Leung King Community Centre, Leung King Estate (near the patio)Tuen Mun
Lobby of Tai Wo Neighbourhood Community CentreTai Po
Lok Kwan Street Park, Tai Kok Tsui (near the entrance)Yau Tsim Mong
Lok Wah Estate Community Centre, Lok Wah Estate, 80, Chun Wa Road, Ngau Tau KokKwun Tong
Ma On Shan Park (near the entrance)Sha Tin
Ma On Shan Sports Centre, On Chun Street, Ma On ShanSha Tin
Macpherson Playground, 59 Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok (near the entrance facing Nelson Street and Sai Yee Street)Yau Tsim Mong
Man Ming Lane Rest Garden, Yau Ma TeiYau Tsim Mong
Maple Street PlaygroundSham Shui Po
Mei King Playground, Tsing Yi RoadKwai Tsing
Mei Lam Sports Centre, Tai WaiSha Tin
Mong Kok Road PlaygroundYau Tsim Mong
Morrison Hill Road Playground, Morrison Hill, Wan Chai (opposite to the Post Office and the swimming pool)Wan Chai
Near the basketball court in On Ting/Yau Oi Community Centre, On Ting EstateTuen Mun
Ngau Pei Sha Street playground, Sha TinSha Tin
North District Park (near Car Park)North
On Hing Playground, On Hing StreetYuen Long
On Shing Street Garden, Ma On ShanSha Tin
Outside Man Ancestral Hall, Fan Tin TsuenYuen Long
Outside Tai Po Tsai Village Rural CommitteeSai Kung
Outside the Property Office at Mei Fai House (Block C), Yue Fai Court, AberdeenSouthern
Pak Fuk Tin Sum Playground, FanlingNorth
Parkford Garden, 6 Chi Fuk Circuit, FanlingNorth
Passage between The University of Hong Kong Lady Ho Tung Hall and Starr Hall (opposite to the restaurant)Central & Western
Peng Chau Sports CentreIslands
Perkins Road Sitting-out Area (opposite to the Gas Station and Dairy Farm Shopping Mall), Jardine’s LookoutWan Chai
Ping Ha Road (near the junction into Tong Fong Tsuen)Yuen Long
Po Hong Park, Tsueng Kwan O (near covered corridor)Sai Kung
Po On Road Municipal Services Building, 325-329 Po On RoadSham Shui Po
Podium between Block 45 and Block 48, Lower Baguio Villa, PokfulamSouthern
Podium of Treasure GardenTai Po
Princess Alexandra Community Centre, 60 Tai Ho RoadTsuen Wan
Promenade outside Kennedy Town Temporary Recreational Ground, Sai Ning Street, Sai WanCentral & Western
Pui Ching Road Rest Garden, Ho Man TinKowloon City
Quarry Bay Community Complex, 1 Greig Road, Quarry Bay (near the disabled parking spaces)Eastern
Quarry Bay Park (entrance at Hong Cheong Street), Quarry BayEastern
Rhine Garden, 38 Castle Peak RoadTsuen Wan
Sai Kung Government Offices Building, 34 Chan Man Street, Sai Kung (outside the main entrance)Sai Kung
Sai Wan Ho Playground (outside Yat Sing Mansion), Sai Wan HoEastern
Sai Yee Street Playground, Mong KokYau Tsim Mong
Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, 2 High Street, Sai Ying PunCentral & Western
Saigon Street Playground, Yau Ma TeiYau Tsim Mong
Serenity Villa (near the main entrance)Tai Po
Shan King Community Hall, Shan King EstateTuen Mun
Shau Kei Wan Road Playground (near the lift), Shau Kei WanEastern
Shek Kip Mei Community Hall, Block 42, Shek Kip Mei Estate, Nam Cheong StreetSham Shui Po
Shek Lei Community Hall, 2 Tai Pak Tin Street, Kwai ChungKwai Tsing
Shek Yam Road No.1 Rest Garden, Kwai ChungKwai Tsing
Sheung Shui Heung Sitting-out Area No.6, Sheung ShuiNorth
Shing Woo Road Rest Garden (between the Bus Terminus and Tram Terminus), Happy ValleyWan Chai
Shun Lee Estate Community Centre, 2 Shun Chi Street, Shun Lee EstateKwun Tong
Sitting-out Area at the junction between Water Street and Connaught Road West (opposite to the Gas Station)Central & Western
Sitting-out Area near The Chinese Foundation Secondary School, Siu Sai Wan Road, Siu Sai Wan [The pavement is now under reconstruction, the recycling bank is hence temporarily removed and is expected to resume service in January 2017 earliest.]Eastern
Sitting-out Area outside Mui Wo Municipal Services Building (Mui Wo Market)Islands
Siu Lun Sports Ground (near the entrance)Tuen Mun
Siu Sai Wan Promenade Playground (between Fullview Garden and Island Resort), Siu Sai WanEastern
South Bay Road Rest Garden, Repulse BaySouthern
South Horizons Community Services Centre (The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong), Ap Lei ChauSouthern
Southorn Playground (near the entrance at Johnston Road), Wai ChaiWan Chai
Squash Court entrance near Tuen Mun Public Swimming PoolTuen Mun
Sycamore Playground, 12 Willow Street, Tai Kok TsuiYau Tsim Mong
Ta Kwu Ling Rural Centre Government Office, 136 Ping Che Road, FanlingNorth
Tai Hang Drive Sitting-out Area, junction between Tai Hang Drive and Chun Fai Road (opposite to Park Garden), Jardine’s LookoutWan Chai
Tai Hang Tung Recreation Services Building, 63 Boundary StreetSham Shui Po
Tai Hing Community Hall, Commercial Complex, Tai Hing Estate (near the entrance)Tuen Mun
Tai Kei Leng Sitting-out AreaYuen Long
Tai Kok Tsui Municipal Services Building, 63 Fuk Tsun Street, Tai Kok TsuiYau Tsim Mong
Tai Wan Shan Swimming Pool, 7 Wan Hoi Street, Hung HomKowloon City
Tai Wo Hau Estate Community Centre, 15 Tai Wo Hau Road, Kwai ChungKwai Tsing
Tai Wong Ha Playground, Fung Shue Wo Road, Tsing YiKwai Tsing
Tai Wong Street East Sitting-out Area, Wan ChaiWan Chai
Tai Yuen Community Hall, Tai Yuen Estate (near the main entrance)Tai Po
The Sai Kung Jockey Club Town Hall, 8 Chan Man Street (near the entrance)Sai Kung
Tin Shui Community Centre, Tin Shui Estate, Tin Shui WaiYuen Long
Tin Shui Wai Park (next to Tennis Court)Yuen Long
Tin Shui Wai Sports Centre, 1 Tin Pak RoadYuen Long
Tin Shui Wai Sports Ground, 2 Tin Shui RoadYuen Long
Tin Yiu Community Centre, Tin Yiu Estate, Tin Shui WaiYuen Long
Tong Yan San Tsuen GardenYuen Long
Tsang Tai Uk Recreation Ground, Sha TinSha Tin
Tseuk Kin Street Sitting-out AreaSham Shui Po
Tsing Yi Estate Community Hall, Tsing Yi Estate II, Tsing YiKwai Tsing
Tsing Yi Promenade (near the covered playground)Kwai Tsing
Tsuen King Circuit Sports Centre, 38 Mei Wan StreetTsuen Wan
Tsuen Wan Government Offices, 38 Sai Lau Kok RoadTsuen Wan
Tsuen Wan Multi-Storey Car Park Building, 174-208 Castle Peak RoadTsuen Wan
Tsuen Wan West Sports Centre, 68 Hoi On RoadTsuen Wan
Tuen Mun Park (near Exit B of Tuen Mun Station)Tuen Mun
Tung Lo Wan Garden (junction between Gloucester Road and Cleveland Street, near the Gas Station), Causeway BayWan Chai
Wan Chai District Arts, Cultural, Recreational and Sports Association Limited, Moreton Terrace Underneath Tai Hang Road Flyover, Causeway BayWan Chai
Wanchai Park, Cross Lane, Wan ChaiWan Chai
Wang Toi Shan PlaygroundYuen Long
Wang Yat Plaza Sitting-out Area, 107 District, Tin Tsui WaiYuen Long
Western District Community Centre, 36A Western Street, Sai Ying Pun (near the entrance at Third Street)Central & Western
Western Fire Services Street, Sheung Wan (the promenade outside Central Sewage Screening Plant)Central & Western
Westlands Road Entrance of Quarry Bay Park (near Exit E1)Eastern
Wo Hing Sports Centre, Wo Ming Lane, FanlingNorth
Wong Tai Sin Community Centre, 104 Ching Tak Street (near the entrance)Wong Tai Sin
Wun Sha Street Children’s Playground, Wun Sha Street, Tai HangWan Chai
Yan Oi Tong Community and Sports Centre, 18 Kai Man PathTuen Mun
Yin Hing Street Playground, San Po KongWong Tai Sin
Yuen Kong Tsuen PlaygroundYuen Long
Yuen Long Jockey Club Town Square Sitting-out Area, Yau San StreetYuen Long
Yuen Long Town Hall, 4 Yuen Long Tai Yuk RoadYuen Long
Yung Shue Wan Police Post, Lamma IslandIslands
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