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On-site Meal Portioning

  A survey conducted by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) in 2010 indicated that schools in Hong Kong use some 250,000 disposable containers a day (i.e. ~46% by proportion - see Table 1). Around 100 tonnes of food waste are generated at the same time.
  Disposable food containers Distribution of meal Students having lunch
  Table 1 – School Lunch Practices (Survey Results of 2010)
Existing Lunch Practices
(by meal units )
With reusable food container Lunch provided by parents
‘On-site meal portioning’
Reusable containers
With disposable food container ‘Recyclable’ containers
Other containers
(e.g. paper/plant fibre, polyfoam, tin foil)
  To encourage schools to avoid using disposable containers and cutlery and adopt 'on-site meal portioning' where possible, the Environment and Conservation Fund will provide a subsidy for schools to install the necessary equipment, while the standard design of new schools will cater for 'on-site meal portioning'.