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Other Green Lunch Options

1. Students to bring their own lunches
  • Lunches brought to schools by either students or parents/domestic helpers are usually packed in reusable containers.
  • Parents could prepare the right amount of food for their children resulting in less food waste.
  • This may be regarded as an optional arrangement.
2. Reusable Containers  
  • Meals (including rice, vegetables and meat) are cooked, packed in boxes, and delivered to classrooms by suppliers licensed by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) as food factories for supplying meal boxes.
  • The containers used are washable for reuse. Cutlery used is also reusable.
  • Durable containers may have a lifespan of 2 years, and could be recycled.
  • The containers are usually washed by lunch suppliers for the convenience of schools.
  • Food waste can be reduced if the amount of food portioned is adjusted according to students' age. However, this is not as flexible and effective as ‘on-site meal portioning’.

Heat insulating cabinet for delivery of food

Reusable containers and culteries

Washing containers and cutlery

Having lunch in classroom

Common lunch practices at school are analyzed in EPD’s “Guideline on How to Promote Green Lunch in Schools”.  If you cannot switch over to ‘on-site meal portioning’ or ‘reusable containers’ in the short run, please follow the recommendations of the aforesaid guideline particularly proper recycling of disposable PP boxes. There are a list of school lunch suppliers and a list of disposable lunch box recyclers in this guideline for your reference.