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Mid-Autumn Festival Green Tips

Mid-Autumn Festival Green Tips


Let's cherish the precious stuff in our life, both our beloved family and the great environment, in the Mid-Autumn Festival and ever after! The Big Waster would like to share with you the Green Tips for the Festival such that you could waste less with your family and friends in this warm and gathering season.

When preparing for food/ dining:

  • Estimate how many mooncakes you need before ordering and choose those with simple or environmentally friendly packaging. If you have excess mooncakes, donate them to charity or the needy.
  • Prepare appropriate amount of food for party/ barbecue.
  • Prepare sufficient amount of drinking water, avoid buying bottled ones.
  • Use reusable utensils.

When preparing for festive activities:

  • Do not use fluorescent sticks and encourage others to support.
  • Reuse lanterns of previous years or be creative to make lanterns from waste, such as pomelo peel.
  • Avoid buying lanterns of styles easily outdated, so as to use them again next years.
  • Also avoid buying lanterns of over design or made of composite materials. It is because if these lanterns are required to be disposed, they might not be recycled due to these features.

 After celebration:

  • Keep lanterns for next year.
  • If you opt to camping or hiking to enjoy the full moon in the countryside, remember to “Bring Your Litter Home” and conserve the nature.
  • Clean recycle mooncake boxes – firstly separate mooncake boxes and other packaging materials, e.g. plastic holders, based on the materials. Then, deliver them to GREEN@COMMUNITY or the organizations carrying out relevant collection programme.
  • Separate recyclable materials (such as aluminium cans, plastic bottles, barbecue forks, etc.) from waste, empty the food or drink and clean them briefly if possible before putting them into the appropriate recycle bins.
  • You can easily find a nearby recycling point at public places (including those within the country park barbecue sites) via the mobile application “Waste Less”.

Besides, you can click the following hyperlinks to obtain more information about “mooncake donation” and “mooncake box recycling” programmes respectively.

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