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GREEN@COMMUNITY is a community recycling network serving the entire Hong Kong:

  • Recycling Stations – district hubs for environmental education and recycling support
  • Recycling Stores – recycling points close to residents in old districts
  • Recycling Spots – weekly mobile collection booths

The brand features the word "green", which is a homophone of the number "six" in Cantonese. The design of the logo also looks like the capital letter "G" in "GREEN" and other commonly used recycling logos, carrying the meaning of promoting green living in all districts. The community recycling network has more than 170 public collection points for 9 types of common recyclables. In addition to supporting community recycling, various environmental education activities are also organized to instill a green lifestyle into the community.

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Recycling Stations

Exterior of GREEN@SHA TIN
Recycling Stations were constructed by reused containers, bamboos and woods
Evening view of the garden courtyard in GREEN@SHA TIN
GREEN@EASTERN underneath the Island Eastern Corridor
Metal screens with different texture were applied in some Recycling Station. The screens do not only block the sunlight, but also facilitate ventilation
Exhibition area in GREEN@EASTERN
Activity held at Recycling Station
The operator of Recycling Staion collects recyclables from housing estates
Exterior of GREEN@WAN CHAI
Exterior of GREEN@SAI KUNG

A total of 11 Recycling Stations (formerly known as Community Green Stations) are in operation. The purpose of establishing Recycling Stations is to instill a green living culture in the community.

Recycling Stations Locator

Recycling Stores

Recycling cabinets for collecting 8 types of recyclables in Recycling Store
Clean recycling
Kids practicing waste seperation and recycling in Recycling Store
Nighttime Self-service Recycling Bin outside Recycling Store
Exterior of GREEN@KIN SANG
New feature – Smart Balance
New feature – Gift Redemption Unit
New feature – RVM

There are 40 Recycling Stores (formerly known as "Community Recycling Centers") around the territory. The Recycling Stores with brand new image are mostly located near old districts where waste recovery facilities are limited. Except for Christmas and Lunar New Year holidays, the Recycling Stores are open all year round, most of these Recycling Stores have nighttime recyclable dropping-off service after operating hours, providing “convenient” recycling support to the community.

Recycling Stores Locator

Recycling Spots

The setup of Recycling Spot includes collection bins, marquee, roll-up banner and promotional flags
Recycling Spot is set up at busy location
Operating hours of Recycling Spot is shown on roll-up banner
Public participating in recycling with assistance from staff at Recycling Spot
People from different cultural backgrounds are practicing waste separation and recycling
Members of public in difference age groups are practicing waste separation and recycling
Members of public in difference age groups are practicing waste separation and recycling

More than 130 Recycling Spots (weekly mobile collection booths) have been set up around the territory to receive recyclables. The Recycling Spots are mostly located near single block and “3-nil” residential buildings where waste recovery facilities are limited.

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GREEN$ Electronic Participation Scheme

With the GREEN$ Mobile App or a GREEN$ smart card, the public can earn GREEN$ upon submission of recyclables with smart recycling devices. The "GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme" offers gifts including daily necessities and groceries, as well as environmentally friendly products. To register as a GREEN$ member, just download the GREEN$ Mobile App or bring 2 kg of recyclables to any of the GREEN‌@COMMUNITY outlets to get a GREEN$ card.

How to check my GREEN$ balance

GREEN$ members can check their GREEN$ balance at the GREEN$ balance & transaction records enquiry webpage. The checking procedure is very simple.

(i)Members can scan the below QR Code in their mobile devices and open the webpage (or inputreward.6green.hkdirectly in the web browser address), followed by entering the membership number to check the GREEN$ balance:

Green$ QR Code

(ii) For details, please refer to the following video clip:

GREEN$ members can also check their GREEN$ balance with assistance from the staff at our GREEN@COMMUNITY, including Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores, and Recycling Spots.


For more information of the locations:


Full list of the Recycling Stations

Projects Operators Address Hotline Telephone(T) / Whatsapp(W)
Hong Kong Island
GREEN@EASTERN Po Leung Kuk 30 Oi Shun Road, Shau Kei Wan 2778 2330
GREEN@WAN CHAI The Hong Kong Wan Chai District Association Limited 6 Wan Shing Street, Wan Chai 2811 1567
GREEN@KWUN TONG Christian Family Service Centre 27 Sheung Yee Road, Kowloon Bay 2776 5700
GREEN@SHAM SHUI PO Po Leung Kuk 339 Tung Chau Street, Sham Shui Po 2522 4388
New Territories
GREEN@ISLANDS OIWA Limited 1 Chung Mun Road, Tung Chung, Lantau 2499 2308
GREEN@KWAI TSING New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association 12 Tam Kon Shan Road, Tsing Yi 3905 4840
GREEN@SAI KUNG Christian Family Service Centre 3 Po Lam Lane, near Po Hong Road and Po Lam Road North, Tseung Kwan O 2727 7330
GREEN@SHA TIN Christian Family Service Centre 10 On Ping Street, Shek Mun 2285 9433
GREEN@TAI PO Hong Chi Association 25 Dai Wah Street, Tai Po 3614 0598
GREEN@TUEN MUN Yan Oi Tong Limited 9 Tuen Yee Street, Tuen Mun 2496 4288
GREEN@YUEN LONG Hong Chi Association 65 Tin Wah Road, Tin Shui Wai 2617 0117

Full list of the Recycling Stores

Projects Operators Address Hotline Telephone(T) / Whatsapp(W)
Hong Kong Island
GREEN@ABERDEEN 121C Society for Recycling Limited 1/F, Aberdeen Market, 203 Aberdeen Main Road, Aberdeen 6297 0803 (T/W)
GREEN@AP LEI CHAU Hong Kong Southern District Community Association Limited Shop B & C, G/F, Happy View Building,165-167 Ap Lei Chau Main Street, Ap Lei Chau 6677 4676 (T/W)
GREEN@HAPPY VALLEY Green Council Shop 3, G/F, Green Valley Mansion, 51 Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley 9768 0907 (T/W)
GREEN@KENNEDY TOWN ECO Foundation Limited Shop 2, G/F, Lexington Hill, 44B Belcher's St, Kennedy Town 6086 6779 (T/W)
GREEN@QUARRY BAY Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation Hong Kong Limited Shop 130, East Pavilion, 1010-1056 King's Road, Quarry Bay 2351 2083 (T)
/ 5285 8476 (W)
GREEN@SAI YING PUN 121C Society for Recycling Limited G/F, 224 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun 6298 8874 (T/W)
GREEN@SHEUNG WAN The Association of the Hong Kong Central and Western District Limited G/F, Wing Hing Commercial Building, 16 Sutherland Street, Sheung Wan 3703 9348 (T)
/ 6617 0016 (W)
GREEN@TIN HAU Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Shop M & M1, G/F, Triumph Court, 13-41 Electric Road, Tin Hau 5995 5969 (T/W)
GREEN@WAN TSUI Youth Chain Limited G/F, Mei Tsui House, Wan Tsui Estate, Chai Wan 5300 8648 (T/W)
GREEN@YUE WAN Youth Chain Limited G/F, Yue On House, Yue Wan Estate, Chai Wan 6439 1195 (T/W)
GREEN@CHEUNG SHA WAN Cheungshawan Kaifong Welfare Association Limited Shop G01 & G02, G/F, 188 Fuk Wa Street, Cheung Sha Wan 6995 6461 (T/W)
GREEN@HUNG HOM Christian Family Service Centre G/F, 103 Wuhu Street, Hung Hom 6318 3749 (T/W)
GREEN@JORDAN Yaumati Kai Fong Welfare Advancement Association Limited Shop 1-3, G/F, Wai Ching Court, 14-18 Wai Ching Street, Jordan 9582 6357 (T/W)
GREEN@KAI YIP Christian Family Service Centre G/F, Kai Yue House, Kai Yip Estate, Kowloon Bay 6466 8049 (T/W)
GREEN@SAN PO KONG East Kowloon District Residents' Committee Limited G/F, San Po Kong Mansion, 98-100 Choi Hung Road, San Po Kong 2434 2866 (T/W)
GREEN@TAI KOK TSUI New Life Cycle Co., Limited Shop C & D, G/F, Tai Yick Building, 117-119 Ivy Street, Tai Kok Tsui 9887 9336 (T/W)
GREEN@TO KWA WAN Christian Family Service Centre Shop D, G/F, 93 Pau Chung Street, To Kwa Wan (San Shan Road Entrance) 6318 4439 (T/W)
GREEN@WALLED CITY Christian Family Service Centre G/F & 1/F, 48 Lion Rock Road, Kowloon City 2302 1829 (T)
/ 6469 1261 (W)
GREEN@YUE MAN SQUARE Christian Family Service Centre Shop C, G/F, Yan On Mansion, 357-375 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kwun Tong 2345 8510 (T)
/ 6469 1259 (W)
New Territories
GREEN@CHUN YEUNG Shatin Inhabitants Association Limited G/F, Chun Yi House, Chun Yeung Estate, Fo Tan 9384 0845 (T/W)
GREEN@FANLING North District Residents Association Limited Shop A111, 1/F, Flora Plaza, 88 Pak Wo Road, Fanling 2464 8005 (T)
/ 6641 7305 (W)
GREEN@KIN SANG New Territories West Power Eco Company Shop 3, G/F, Ori, 3 Leung Tak Street, Tuen Mun 5173 1144 (T/W)
GREEN@KWAI FONG Christian Family Service Centre Unit No. 13, G/F, Kwai On House, Kwai Fong Estate, Kwai Chung 9354 6512 (KF)
GREEN@LO TAK COURT New Life Cycle Co., Limited Shop 2, G/F, 423-427 Castle Peak Road - Tsuen Wan, Tsuen Wan 9886 9323 (T/W)
GREEN@LONG PING Pumen Foundation Limited Shop K & L, G/F, Hung Fat House, 87-99 Kau Yuk Road, Yuen Long 2366 5066 (T)
/ 5607 2635 (W)
GREEN@LUEN WO HUI Endeavour Environmental Education Foundation Limited Shop 1, G/F, Grand Tower, No.15-23 Luen Wo Road, Luen Wo Market, Fanling 2668 6606 (T)
/ 9223 6667 (W)
GREEN@MUI WO OIWA Limited Shop D, G/F, Silver Centre Building, 10 Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Mui Wo 2499 2118 (T/W)
GREEN@ON TING New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association G/F, Ting Lung House, On Ting Estate, Tuen Mun 9720 0620 (T/W)
GREEN@PO LAM Tseung Kwan O Kai Fong Joint Association Limited Shop G19, G/F, MCP Central, 8 Yan King Road, Tseung Kwan O 6994 8324 (T/W)

Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O Women's Association Limited G/F, 98 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung

Shop A1, LG2/F Phase 3, Ocean Shores, 88 O King Road, Tseung Kwan O
2466 8028 (T/W)
GREEN@SAN HUI Green Commune Education Charity Foundation Limited Shop 12, G/F, Ming Wai Building, 4-26 Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, San Hui, Tuen Mun 2430 2662 (T/W)
GREEN@SHEK WU HUI North District Residents Association Limited G/F 80 Lung Sum Avenue ,Sheung Shui 2464 8003 (T)
/ 6208 6115 (W)
GREEN@TAI PO MARKET Environmental Association Limited G/F, Central Plaza, 51-59 Kwong Fuk Road, Tai Po 2886 9661 (T)
/ 5347 9981 (W)
GREEN@TAI WAI Shatin Women's Association Limited Shop A3, G/F, Hey Yuet Building, 18-24 Chik Shun Street, Tai Wai 3106 2819 (T/W)
GREEN@TAI WO Green Tai Po Shop 13A, L1, Block C, Greenery Plaza, 3 Chui Yi Street, Tai Po 3972 0909 (T/W)
GREEN@TAI WO HAU Christian Family Service Centre Unit No. 6, G/F, Fu Wah House, Tai Wo Hau Estate, Kwai Chung 6332 8345 (T/W)
GREEN@TSING YI Tsuen Wan Development Association Limited Shop TSY 208 at Tsing Yi MTR Station (U2 Floor, Tung Chung Line Concourse) 84932393 (T/W)
GREEN@YAN TIN Hong Kong Youth Affairs Development Foundation G/F., Yuet Tin House, Yan Tin Estate, Tuen Mun 9327 8074 (T/W)
GREEN@YI PEI SQUARE Association for Tsuen Wan Development G/F, 71 Ho Pui Street, Tsuen Wan 6572 5562 (T/W)
GREEN@YUEN LONG HUI Action Health Limited Shop 11, G/F, Chun Chu House, 1 Castle Peak Road - Yuen Long, Yuen Long 2807 0932 (T)
/ 9689 4919 (W)

Full list of Recycling Spots

Please select a district to view the details of Recycling Spots

Hong Kong Island
Central & Western Eastern Southern Wan Chai  
Kowloon City Kwun Tong Sham Shui Po Wong Tai Sin Yau Tsim Mong
New Territories
Islands Kwai Tsing North Sai Kung Shatin
Tai Po Tsuen Wan Tuen Mun Yuen Long  

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