Big Waster and Greeny

Big Waster


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Self-Introduction of Big Waster

The Big Waster has been the mascot of the Food Wise Hong Kong Campaign launched by the Environment Bureau since 2013.

By deliberately setting up Big Waster as a bad example, the design “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” of Big Waster is used to grab the public’s attention and hit home the message to value food and stop wasting it.

The image of the Big Waster has been deeply rooted in the public and it has become the Environment and Ecology Bureau's ambassador to promote waste reduction and energy saving in Hong Kong.




Self-Introduction of Greeny

For the "Reduce and Recycle 2.0" Campaign, a new character, Greeny, has been introduced in 2020 to partner with the Environment and Ecology Bureau's ambassador Big Waster to promote the message "Save More, Recycle More".