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How to join

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme
How to join

If your estate is interested in joining the programme, please complete the enrolment form and return it to Helpdesk. Upon confirmation of your enrolment, a free collection and recycling service will be provided for residents of your estate. This programme is not applicable to the waste generated from commercial and industrial sector, including the fluorescent lamps and tubes installed at public area of the buildings.

Small quantity producers

You should follow the attached Guidance Notes on the arrangements.

Guidance Notes - Participating Housing Estates (non chemical waste producers)

Collection will be arranged from your estate according to a district roster once every six months. If the provided storage containers are filled up before the scheduled collection date, the estate management can call the FLRP's collection contractor at 5482 8391 to make a special trip to collect the lamps.

In case of doubt, you may contact the Help Desk Hotline at 5575 4068.

Large quantity producers

If your estate generates or processes a large quantity (for example over 500 pieces) of spent mercury-containing lamps, you have to register as a chemical waste producer and follow the requirements stipulated under the Waste Disposal Ordinance and Waste Disposal (Chemical Waste)(General) Regulation.

Guidance Notes - Participating Housing Estates (registered chemical waste producers)

For existing registered waste producers who have not included mercury-containing lamps in the chemical waste producer registration form, you need only to notify the Regional Office of EPD in writing (sample notification letter) to include it as an additional waste stream; no fee will be incurred for the inclusion.

To collect used fluorescent lamps from your residents, the estate management can set up a mercury-containing lamp storage area at a new or an existing chemical waste storage area, and follow proper labelling and packaging requirements as currently practiced for managing chemical waste (see A Guide to Waste Producers for Handling and Disposing Spent Mercury-Containing Lamps). If you have accumulated 500 pieces of spent lamps or more, you can call the contractor of Chemical Waste Treatment Centre at 2434 6450 to arrange for collection of the lamps.