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Collection Points

2008 WEEE Recycling Days

Collection Points
District Collection Points(for the Public)
To provide convenience to the public, over 60 district collection points will be set up on 19th and/or 20th January 2008 in 18 districts.
Please note that there may be changes to the locations and operating hours of the collection point due to site conditions. You are advised to click on the district you are looking for to view the most updated information on the exact collection point locations and operating hours before bringing the WEEE to the point:-
Housing Estate Collection Points (for Residents Only)
To cultivate a good habit of recycling and promote public awareness on the recycling of old computers and waste electrical and electronic equipment, property management companies have been invited to join the territory-wide WEEE Recycling Day on 19-20 January 2008. About 400 housing estates have already signed up to organize WEEE recycling activities in their buildings for their residents.
Participating housing estates are required to help collect the waste electrical and electronic appliances including used computers from their residents one to two weeks before the WEEE Recycling Day.  Management companies may refer to the Implementation Guideline on how to organise the WEEE recycling activity.
EPD would arrange to collect the recovered items and inform the management companies of the collection date when available. The responsible person of each participating estate is required to return the Recovered Items Record Form to EPD.

Participating Housing Estates

*Please note that the collection service provided by each estate is exclusive to its own residents. For those who are not living in a participating estate, please bring your waste computersand electrical and electronic appliances to the District Collection Points above.

Click on a district to view:-

Businesses can also recycle used computers and electrical and electronic appliances. Collection can be arranged by contacting Li Tong Group (for computer equipment) at tel: 2690 0660 or St. James' Settlement (for electrical and electronic appliances) at tel: 2795 7038.