Trial Operation of Nighttime Recycling Spots

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Trial Operation of Nighttime Recycling Spots Poster


To further strengthen the support for waste reduction and recycling at district level and facilitate the public in practicing waste separation and clean recycling, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) continues to expand the community recycling network, GREEN@COMMUNITY, including the trial on operation of Nighttime Recycling Spots from 18:00 to 21:00, aiming at broadening the coverage to members of public who need to work during daytime.


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Same as other Recycling Spots under GREEN@COMMUNITY, Nighttime Recycling Spots receive 9 common types of recyclables, including paper, metals, plastics, glass bottles, rechargeable batteries, fluorescent lamps and tubes, regulated electrical equipment, small electrical appliances and beverage cartons. GREEN$ Point can be earned by using either the GREEN$ Mobile App or GREEN$ physical card when public bring along their recyclables to Nighttime Recycling Spots. GREEN$ gift redemption service is not available at Nighttime Recycling Spots. Please visit the Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores and other Recycling Spots under GREEN@COMMUNITY for gift redemption.


Location of Nighttime Recycling Spots Contact Phone/ WhatsApp Social Media
Hong Kong Island 9291 3457
Kowloon 9267 7063
New Territories East Coming Soon Coming Soon
New Territories West Coming Soon Coming Soon