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Green Event Guidebook

Green Event Guidebook

Hong Kong is a bustling and vibrant city. Numerous events of large, medium or small scales are held each year. We have the obligation and we are well positioned to reduce waste and carbon footprints as far as practicable.

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has been liaising with many event organisers in the community to encourage them to enhance the environmental performance of their events. In order to further encourage and assist the event organisers to organise activities in an environmentally friendly manner, we launched “A Waste Reduction Guidebook for Large Scale Event Organisers” (Guidebook) in December 2017. The Guidebook aims to remind the community to follow the code of practice on environmental protection when organising activities and provides clear and practical information and examples for reference.

The Guidebook recommends that early planning should be done before organising the events to reduce the consumption of unnecessary resources. During the event, the organiser should ensure proper source separation of waste, set up appropriate recycling facilities to collect recyclables, and make sure that the stakeholders have a clear understanding of the recycling guidelines and related information. After the event, the event organiser should properly handle the resources collected and arrange for reuse, donation or recycling according to their different categories. The Guidebook also recommends that the event organisers should make use of educational booths, on-site activities or the media to promote green messages during the event, to conduct waste audits and to publicise waste reduction results to the public.

The promotion of “Green Mega Events” is in line with the waste reduction campaign which we have launched with the theme of “Dump Less, Save More and Recycle Right”. We hope that the event organisers of various sectors will make reference to, adopt and promote the culture of “Use Less, Waste Less” so that it can take root in the community. Also, it can help prepare for the implementation of the municipal solid waste charging scheme.

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Green Event Guidebook



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