Green Service - After the Event

Table of content

(I) Recyclers

Individuals and organisations who are interested in promoting and organising materials recovery and recycling programmes can look for suitable recyclers in the “Hong Kong Collector/ Recycler Directory” for collecting recyclables such as food waste, glass bottles, wood, waste paper, metals, plastics and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) banners for reuse, upcycling/recycling. For details, please refer to the "Hong Kong Collector/Recycler Directory".

Regarding the leftovers, event planners can donate the food to the food recycling banks or non-profit making organisations. In addition, if the event is a running race/marathon, the organiser can donate the surplus running T-shirts.

(II) Social Enterprises

The Government is committed to promoting the development of social enterprises (SEs) to create employment opportunities for the disadvantaged to help them to be self-reliant. It provides a new channel for people from different sectors and organisations to meet the needs of different community groups with innovative approaches, with a view to fostering a new caring culture and enhancing social harmony. The table below shows the social enterprises which are engaged in recycling and second-hand store businesses and interested in receiving donations of materials. Event planners can contact suppliers/social enterprises/charities to arrange for donation, reusing or recycling of the materials after the event. For details, please refer to the information on SEs.

Social Enterprise Relevant Service Telephone Email Website
Green Connect Green collection programme 2456 2220
In‧Art WorkStation Fabric production centre 2409 2380
3H Handicraft Produce creative handicraft products 3955 1530
The Salvation Army Recycling Programme Collect new / used clothes from the public 2332 4433 / 9688 5670 (WhatsApp)
The Salvation Army Family Store Charity sale of the collect items 2332 4433 / 9688 5670 (WhatsApp)

(III) Upcycling

Organisation Relevant Service Telephone Email Website
SEE Network Provide a network for connecting various upcyclers 2127 4505
Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association Sewing cooperative workshop 2790 4848

(IV) Recycling Materials for Green Workshops

Organisation Relevant Service Telephone Email Website
Green Come True Green living workshop 9857 9619
Kafeise Upcycling of coffee capsule 9230 6767
Indi good House Tie dye workshop, planting natural dyeing materials 9858 3616
Ooobject Upcycling of products such as photo frames and home decorations 2729 5915
Lively Life Crafts workshop 6730 0643
KaCaMa Design Lab Upcycling of products 9585 1096
David’s Repurpose Workshop Upcycling of products such as furniture, planting platforms and handbags 6128 3314
St. James’ Settlement Jockey Club Upcycling Centre Upcycling of products such as tables, chairs and stationeries 2835 4367 / 2835 4365
The Conservancy Association Upcycling Workshop - Coasters made of corks 2728 6781
Green Power “Big Waster” DIY 9657 3241
KFGB Green Hub Provide various green workshops and STEM environmental education program 2996 2800
Green Earth Provide banners upcycling workshops 3708 8380
UpCycling Plus To promote and educate upcycling by organising recycling guide tours and upcycling workshops N/A
Love & Cherish Upcycling workshops - mini herbs potted plant, umbrella cloth handbags, cloth sanitary pads 9884 1220