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Community Green Station
A Waste Reduction Guidebook for Large Scale Event Organisers
The “Waste Cooking Oils” (WCO) Recycling Administrative Registration Scheme accepts registration applications now. This Scheme aims to promote recycling and enhance the overall operational standard of the local WCO recycling industry, as well as to safeguard public health.
Recycling Fund
Waste Less Mobile Application
Hong Kong Second-hand Exchange
What can be recycled
Find out the possible outlets for your recyclable types
Where to Recycle
Find the nearest collection points around you
Survey on Interest for Waste Plastics Recycling
The Environmental Protection Department invites market interest from organizations who are interested in providing service for the “Pilot Scheme on Collection and Recycling of Waste Plastics” to take part in this Survey.
News & Events
Get the latest trend and news of Hong Kong Waste Reduction Website
Waste Reduction Tips
How to reduce waste wisely in our daily life?
Waste Reduction Programmes
Find out more on various Waste Reduction Programmes