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The Green Outreach is a team of EPD outreaching staff, paying regular visits to the local community, providing on-site support in initiating and enhancing the waste reduction and recycling programme in residential and commercial premises, educating the public about the importance of waste reduction at source, and disseminating the latest information on waste reduction and recycling and legislative requirements, in order to facilitate the public to actively practice source separation of waste and clean recycling to tie in with the implementation of Municipal Solid Waste charging.

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Promotion on Clean Recycling - EPD Green Outreach staff demonstrating to a young lady the simple steps of rinsing plastic beverage bottles with water for clean recycling
Promotion on Clean Recycling - Child playing at a game booth, distinguishing 'recyclable' items from 'non-recyclable' ones
Promotion and Education - Green Outreach staff introducing the message of 'Dump Less, Save More, Recycle Right' to the residents in a talk
Training to Frontline Staff - Green Outreach staff showing training materials of different types of recyclables to cleaning staff
On-site Assessment - A property management officer showing the setup of waste separation facilities at a corner of residential building
Practical Advice and Support - Green Outreach staff conducting a questionnaire survey with staff of property management company
Activity snapshots - photos taken with Partners such as Property Management Companies / Residents Organisations in various recycling promotion events
Mascot Big Waster promoting GREEN@COMMUNITY in front of a game booth

GO will contact residential estates/ buildings in all 18 districts of Hong Kong, understand their recycling arrangement, assist them to solve practical problems such as finding suitable outlets for recyclables. GO will also collaborate with Recycling Stations and Recycling Stores in districts to promote the services of community recycling network and to conduct public education on waste separation at source and clean recycling.


If your living or working premises is interested in the community recycling support service of the Green Outreach (GO), the property management company, incorporated owners or residents’ organization can contact the GO via the EPD hotline or by email.