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Hong Kong Collector / Recycler Directory is compiled to facilitate materials recovery and recycling activities and waste reduction in Hong Kong. The Directory provides contact information for any parties who are interested in promoting and organising local materials recovery and recycling programmes.

Users can use the Directory for searching suitable companies for recovery and recycling of the materials they have collected. Prior contact and arrangement should be made before sending the materials to the companies listed since the market is fairly dynamic and may change over time.

This Directory aims at providing useful information to any parties, including schools, non-governmental organisations, resident groups, social groups and companies etc., who are interested in promoting and organising their own materials recovery activities. If you are interested in adding information of your company to this directory, please fill in the application form or use our on-line application (company member) for application.

This Directory contains non-exhaustive lists of organizations which carry out activities on materials recovery and recycling. The information of each organization in the Directory is supplied by that organization through surveys of local recycling activities. The Hong Kong SAR Government does not warrant or guarantee that the contents of this Directory are accurate or complete and disclaims any responsibility to the users of this Directory and the organizations mentioned therein in respect of any errors therein. The inclusion of any organisations does not in any way imply endorsement by the Hong Kong SAR Government and the non-inclusion of any organisations should not be construed as indicating any negative concern by the Hong Kong SAR Government towards those organisations.

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