User Guide of Map of Recycling Points


Map Legend


Map tools:

  •  Zoom in
  •  Zoom Out
  •  View Fullscreen
  •  My Location
  •  Reset View


Recycling Points:

  •  No. of recycling point in the area, please click to read more.
  •  Recycling Stations/ Recycling Stores
  • Recycling Bins at Public Place
  • NGO Collection Points
  • Recycling Spots
  •  Street Corner Recycling Shops
  • Events
  • Private Collection Points (e.g. housing estates, shopping centres)



  •  Paper
  •  Metals
  •  Plastics
  •  Glass Bottles
  •  Fluorescent Lamp
  •  Rechargeable Batteries
  •  Small Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  •  Regulated Electrical Equipment
  •  Clothes
  •  Barbeque Fork
  •  Tetra Pak



Information of Recycling Points

Users can click the icons of recycling points on map or click the table below the map to show the details of the recycling points.

Illustration 1 showing the Map with Recycling Points


How to search Recycling Points?


Method 1 – Search using the user's location

Users can click "My Location" map tool, and then click "Search This Area" button.

An Illustration showing search using the user's location


Method 2 – Keyword Search

Users can use "Fulltext Search" function. Users can enter keyword(s) of recycling points in the field and then click“Search This Area” button.

An Illustration showing Keyword Search


Method 3 – Search on map

Users can click and hold the left mouse button and drag to pan and press CTRL (Command) + Mouse Scroll to zoom in or zoom out to move the target search area to the map, and then click "Search This Area" button.


How to refine the search results?

Users can click "Advanced Search" and then select keyword(s) under "Material", "District" and "Category" to refine the search results.

An Illustration showing how to refine the search results


How to reset all search options?

Users can click the "Reset" button

An Illustration showing how to reset all search options