GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme - FAQ


GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme

Q1: What is "GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme"?

The “GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme” (GREEN$ ePIS) is a pilot incentive scheme on resources recovery, introduced by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) on the 16th of November 2020. The GREEN$ ePIS is implemented at all “Recycling Stations”, “Recycling Stores” and “Recycling Spots” in the territory. Members of the public, taking 9 types of recyclables (i.e. plastics, glass bottles, small electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps and tubes, rechargeable batteries, regulated electrical equipment, papers, metals and beverage cartons) to the above community recycling networks for clean recycling, can receive GREEN$ points through GREEN$ mobile app or GREEN$ CARD and redeem small gift items like noodles, seasonings, towels, etc. GREEN$ Members of the public may also choose to donate their GREEN$ to designated charitable organizations to benefit the community.

Q2: How does the GREEN$ ePIS encourage the public to participate in recycling?

Members of the public submitting recyclables with low market value (such as plastics and glass bottles) can also receive GREEN$ under the ePIS, and this is expected to encourage the public to practice clean recycling. We also provide recycling outlets for recyclables that lack market value (such as fluorescent lamps and tubes, and rechargeable batteries).

Q3: How can members of the public earn GREEN$ (electronic) points?

To earn GREEN$, members of the public only need to show their the membership QR code generated by GREEN$ Mobile App or printed at the back of the GREEN$ card when submitting recyclables. GREEN$ points can be used to redeem gift items provided by the EPD. GREEN$ Members of the public may also choose to donate their GREEN$ to designated charitable organizations to benefit the community. We encourage the public to change from GREEN$ card to use GREEN$ Mobile App and share to use their membership QR code with family members to speed up the accumulation of GREEN$ points. Please click here to view the Green$ Conversion Rates and Gift Redemption List.

Q4: Why are members of the public required to hand in 2kg of recyclables to get a GREEN$ Card?

We encourage members of the public to cultivate a habit of source separation of waste and clean recycling of more types of recyclable. Through the requirement, we also hope members of the public would treasure more the GREEN$ Card and use it regularly.

Q5: Are members of the public required to hand in 2kg of recyclables for registration as a member of GREEN$ through the GREEN$ Mobile App?

There is no need for the public to hand in 2kg of recyclables for registration as member in GREEN$ Mobile App.

Q6: Under the GREEN$ ePIS, what are the required quantity of recyclables for awarding 1 GREEN$ point?

Each kilogram of recyclables will be awarded with 10 GREEN$ points in general. Certain types of recyclables, e.g. plastics and glass bottles will have higher rate of award. The EPD will introduce promotion activities from time to time, under which extra GREEN$ points will be awarded for submission of specified types or quantities of recyclables. Members of the public can visit the Hong Kong Waste Reduction website, the GREEN$ mobile app and the Waste Less mobile app for latest promotion activities. Moreover, we will regularly review and update the rate of award for the 9 types of recyclables and display the rate at all collection points for reference by members of the public.

Q7: Are there any personal information being kept in the GREEN$ cards?

The GREEN$ cards / ePIS are operating in a mode with no personal information kept under the system (i.e. we only recognize the card but not the owner in every recyclable transaction). Since no personal information is stored, there is no replacement arrangement for loss of GREEN$ cards, and we recommend the public to keep the cards safely.

Q8: When will the GREEN$ ePIS pilot end? Will the GREEN$ points expire at the end of pilot?

The original ePIS pilot lasts for one year. The EPD plans to roll out an extension to the ePIS pilot taking into account the effectiveness and public feedbacks. There is no expiry date for GREEN$ points at this moment.

Q9: How attractive are the gift items under the GREEN$ ePIS?

Gift items under the ePIS pilot include daily necessities such as noodles, rice, cooking oil, seasonings, as well as environmental friendly products such as bamboo tissues, towels and recycling bags. We would introduce new gift items from time to time, with a view to attracting more public to participate regularly in clean recycling.

Q10: How can I check my GREEN$ balance?

Members of the public can easily check their GREEN$ balance through the webpage “GREEN$ balance & transaction records enquiry”. The procedures are very simple:

(i)Members can scan the QR Code below by means of mobile phone and open the webpage (or input directly into web browser), followed by entering the membership number. Then, GREEN$ balance will show up.

QR Code


(ii) For details, please refer to the following video clip:

GREEN$ members can also check their GREEN$ balance with assistance from the staff at our GREEN @ COMMUNITY, including Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores, and Recycling Spots.

Q11: What is the arrangement for the public to donate their GREEN$?

GREEN$ members can seek help from staff of GREEN@COMMUNITY to donate GREEN$ to the designated charity organization. The amount of GREEN$ can be decided by the members but the donation cannot be cancelled after transaction. The donation should be carried out by the staff after scanning member’s QR code.

Q12: How will the donated GREEN$ be handled?

The designated charity organization will use the GREEN$ donated by members to redeem gifts such as daily necessities and groceries. The gifts will be distributed to the needy by the charity organization.

Q13: What if my organization wishes to join the GREEN$ ePIS donation scheme as one of the recipients?

The organization should meet the following requirements if he/she wishes to join the scheme:-

  • The recipients of GREEN$ donation shall be organizations that are registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance;
  • The approved organizations shall have a proven track record of effectively serving low-income families and addressing their specific needs. The organizations shall have a history of successfully providing social service to help the low income families, such as distribution of daily necessities, as GREEN$ gift items are mainly daily necessities (e.g. noodles, rice, cooking oil, seasonings, bamboo tissues, etc.);
  • The approved organizations shall have a wide network and the capacity to distribute the donated items to a significant number of low-income families.

Eligible parties may contact EPD for more details for the application arrangement of becoming recipient of GREEN$ donation.