Kerbside Recycling Bin - FAQ


Recycling Bins in Public Places

Q1: Where will the recyclables collected from three-colour recycling bins on the roadside go?

The recyclables collected from roadside recycling bins, commonly known as three-colour bins, will be delivered to local recyclers for proper handling, including processing them into recycled products or raw materials so that they can be exported or supplied to the local market. Taking plastic as an example, after sorting, washing and shredding, it could be used for local production of plastic strip or pellet. The latter is a kind of raw material for further downstream manufacturing operations.

Plastic Strip
Plastic Strip
Plastic Pellet
Plastic Pellet
Q2: How to improve overfill of roadside three-colour recycling bins?

The Government will adjust the collection frequency as well as the number and location of the three-colour bins in public places, taking into account various factors such as street conditions, pedestrian circulation, quality and quantity of recyclables recovered, bin-overfilling reports, etc. For enquiries, please call 1823.

Q3: How to practise clean recycling?

To know more on clean recycling, please visit clean recycling.

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