Food Donation


This webpage contains a list of charitable organizations that provide surplus food donation services and their respective websites. Individuals and organizations interested in donating surplus food can contact the relevant charitable organizations for more information.

  1. Food Support Service
  2. Food Donation Alliance
  3. Food Link Foundation
  4. Food Angel
  5. FOOD-CO
  6. Feeding HK
  7. Food Grace
  8. People Service Centre - Food Friend Action
  9. The Conservancy Association – Food Resources Recycling Centre
  10. Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service – Agape Community Care Centre
  11. Blue Sky Short-term Food Assistance Service Team
  12. Tuen Mun Youth With A Mission
  13. Food For Good
  14. Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council
  15. Hong Kong Christian Service
  16. Yan Oi Tong
  17. Food Commons Foundation

Mid-Autumn Festival Reminder:

Donate leftover mooncakes to those in need.

PDF - List of Organisations for Mooncake Donation 2023