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To tie in with the progressive Extension of Pilot Scheme on Collection and Recycling Services of Plastic Recyclable Materials (Centralised Waste Plastics Collection Scheme) and off-site collection service of the community recycling network "GREEN‌@COMMUNITY", the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has launched by phase a one-stop reliable recycling service called “GREEN COLLECT”, for housing estates in 9 districts, namely Tai Po, Sai Kung, Central and Western District, Eastern District, Sham Shui Po, Tsuen Wan, Tuen Mun, Sha Tin and Kwun Tong since mid-2022. The service aims to enhance the current recyclable collection services at housing estates to further facilitate residents in practising waste reduction at source and resource recovery.

Operators of GREEN@COMMUNITY and other EPD contractors of various recyclable collection programmes (including Centralised Waste Plastics Collection Scheme and Glass Management Contractors) provide one-stop collection service to participating housing estates for various low-value recyclables (including plastics, glass bottles, small electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps and tubes, rechargeable batteries and regulated electrical equipment) which are lack of commercial recycling outlet, and deliver the collected recyclables, with a view to helping the participating housing estates to get prepared for the upcoming implementation of municipal solid waste charging.

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The services of "GREEN COLLECT" include:

  • To assist housing estates to enhance their existing recycling bin facilities, and to make use of the “6” brand to strengthen residents’ confidence in the recycling arrangement of housing estates;
  • To recycle a variety of common recyclables with reassurance;
  • In addition to regular collection based on the daily recyclable quantity of housing estates, ad-hoc collection can also be provided when housing estates store a certain amount of recyclables (for example: small electrical appliances). Property management offices/cleaning companies can use the "GREEN COLLECT" QR code provided by the EPD to arrange ad-hoc collection;
  • Incentive: To encourage front line property management and cleaning staff to assist in the implementation of the clean recycling, housing estates can get supermarket gift coupons based on the monthly amount of clean waste plastic recycled;
  • The EPD's Green Outreach team provides waste reduction and recycling support, such as providing publicity materials and educational information on clean recycling, and co-organizing waste reduction and recycling promotion activities;

Collection Arrangement

Regular Collection

Operators of GREEN‌@COMMUNITY and other EPD contractors will provide regular recyclable collection service to participating housing estates.

Ad-hoc Collection

Designated QR codes will be provided to the participating housing estates. Property management staff can scan their designated QR codes and complete electronic forms for requesting services, including ad-hoc collection of recyclables, application for recycling bins or publicity materials, etc.

Housing estates to Assist in

Housing estates need to centralise the storage of recyclables at designate location (such as refuse room, storage room, etc.) to facilitate regular collection by the operators of GREEN‌@COMMUNITY and other EPD contractors of various recycling programmes based on the average quantity of recyclable recovered by the housing estate. Generally, the amount of recyclable should be 200kg or above for each collection. For the initial stage, flexible arrangement could be made referring to the current quantity of recyclable recovered by the housing estates. In the medium term, the EPD Green Outreach team will provide educational and promotional supports to enhance both the quantity and quality of recyclables recovered by the housing estates.


Housing estates submitting clean plastics waste to operators of GREEN@COMMUNITY and other EPD contractors of various recycling programmes can receive incentive points for exchange of supermarket coupons. EPD Green Outreach team will communicate the detailed arrangements with participating housing estates.

The incentive scheme aims to thank property management and cleaning staff to assist in implementing clean recycling programme in the housing estates. In this connection, we encourage resident's organisations and property management companies to distribute suitably the gifts received to front line staff involved in collection, separation and handling of recyclables.

Application Method

To join the GREEN COLLECT service, management staff of housing estates can submit the Online form for follow-up by EPD Green Outreach team.

List of Participating Housing Estates / Buildings

By March 2024, over 850 housing estates / buildings have joined the "GREEN COLLECT" service.

List of Participating Housing Estates / Buildings

Clean Recycling and Waste to Resources

Recyclables collected under the GREEN COLLECT service will be properly recycled. For instance, the plastics collected will be delivered to the contractors of “Centralised Waste Plastics Collection Scheme” and various recycling programmes for sorting, shredding, washing and pelletising, to produce plastic raw materials or recycled plastic products for local or oversea uses.

To ensure that the waste plastics collected are properly handled, the contractor is required to implement a comprehensive monitoring plan including installation of Global Positioning System logging devices on collection vehicles, as well as electronic data recording and surveillance camera systems at processing plants. On the other hand, the EPD will conduct regular inspections and spot checks to monitor the performance of contractor on various aspects of collection and processing of waste plastics. Furthermore, the service fee for the contractors are based on the weight of the recycled raw materials or products so as to establish public’s confidence in waste plastic recycling.

Year 2022 Awardee List

The following organizations have actively supported EPD’s GREEN COLLECT one-stop reliable recycling service.

List of Award for GREEN COLLECT Partner

The following housing estates/buildings have actively participated in EPD’s GREEN COLLECT one-stop reliable recycling service; and have performed excellently.

List of Award of Excellence Performance in GREEN COLLECT


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