Waste Reduction and Recycling Charter

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Starting from 1 June 2024, The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has launched the " Waste Reduction and Recycling Charter " (the "Charter") for private residential premises to enhance residents' awareness and development of recycling habits. The "Charter" is one of EPD's waste reduction initiatives. We invite property management companies/owners' corporations/residents' organisations of private residential premises to sign the Charter.



The objectives of the Charter are to –

  • raise public awareness and help citizens cultivate green living
  • encourage waste reduction and drive behavioural change towards practising source separation
  • cultivate good recycling habit so as to increase recycling rate


Becoming our Partners

Any property management companies/owners' corporations/residents' organisations of private residential premises may sign up the Charter to become our Partner. In participating the Charter, the Participant is committed to –

  • provide at least one set of sorting recycling bins as far as possible for each residential building at a convenient location for residents to recycle;
  • ensure each set of sorted recycling bins must collect at least six types of recyclable materials, including paper, metal, plastic, glass containers, paper drink boxes and food waste (except for single block buildings with public space restrictions); and
  • arrange for reliable recyclers to handle the various types of recyclables properly.



You will enjoy the following privilege as a token of appreciation for your support and efforts when signing the Charter:

  • A Charter Certificate from the EPD for displaying in your premises;
  • A Charter sticker label to be used in your communication collaterals and digital platform;
  • Technical support from Green Outreach Team of the EPD on waste reduction and recycling, including application for free recycling bins, advice on recycling bins suppliers, collection services for recyclables, clean recycling promotional and educational information, co-organising waste reduction and recycling promotion activities, etc.
  • Free Designated Bags for a period of six months for those which has successfully signed the Charter on or before 30 November 2024.



Your participation is of great support to the success of the Charter. We invite you to become our partner by signing the Waste Reduction and Recycling Charter.



As a management group of private residential estates or buildings, by signing the Charter, we understand and agree that-

  • Hong Kong's three strategic landfills are nearly saturated. We must reduce the amount of waste disposal for environmental protection and wise use of land resources.
  • The recycling rate of municipal solid waste needs to be further increased.
  • All Hong Kong citizens can contribute to waste reduction at source and clean recycling to help sustain Hong Kong's development by gradually moving towards its vision of "Zero Waste ● Carbon Neutrality".

To encourage residents to practice waste reduction and recycling, we are committed to -

  • Establish and maintain an appropriate and convenient recycling system within the housing estate/premises to facilitate residents to practise recycling
  • Hand over the collected recyclables to downstream recyclers to ensure proper recycling processing
  • Monitor the service contractors' recycling quality
  • Keep recycling records
  • Carry out promotion and education work to encourage all residents to participate in waste classification and develop the habit of waste reduction and recycling
  • Publish quarterly recycling data regularly in common areas of housing estates/premises to ensure information transparency


Application Package

Application Form
Application Guideline
Charter Statement



Tel: 2838 3111
Email: recyclingcharter@epd.gov.hk