Computer and Communication Products Recycling Programme - FAQ


Computer and Communication Product Recycling Programme

Q1: What are the benefits of recycling computer and communication products?

Computer and communication products recycling helps protect the environment in three important ways:

A. It saves scarce landfill space.

B. It avoids pollution to the environment, as the harmful materials, such as lead are properly treated.

C. It encourages reuse and recycling, as the refurbished computers that are still in working conditions could be donated to the needy and the useful materials recovered could be reused in other application.


Q2: What would the CCRP do before donating the computers to the needy?

The data on hard drives that are still functional will be overwritten and destroyed before the drives are re-used.

Q3: Can I deposit the ink cartridge with the printer?

Yes. The public can recycle the ink cartridge together with the printer.

Q4: Does CCRP accept industrial computers for recycling?

Yes. Industrial computer waste can also be recycled under the Programme. Nevertheless, the company may need to pay for the collection and recycling services and the CCRP’s Contractor will advise on a case by case basis.