GREEN$ Mobile App - FAQ


GREEN$ Mobile App FAQ

Q1: What kind of mobile devices can be installed with GREEN$ Mobile App?

The App can be installed on iPhone (iOS 12.0 or above), Android and HarmonyOS mobile phones. Click here to download the GREEN$ Mobile App.

Q2: If I already have one or more Green$ cards, can I link the cards to the GREEN$ Mobile App?

GREEN$ members holding a GREEN$ card in hand can choose to transfer the balance of points to the GREEN$ Mobile App. The procedure is very simple. Please contact the staff of Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores or Recycling Spots to arrange the transfer. The public can simply return the physical card to the staff to proceed with the transfer of points to their mobile app account. The staff will then sanitize the card returned and issue it to a new member when necessary.

Q3: After the balance of points is transferred, will the QR code on the GREEN$ card (old card) returned to the staff become invalid immediately? What to do with old card? Is there a cooling-off period before re-issue it to a new member?

After the balance of points is transferred, the staff will keep the physical card, and reset its balance to zero. The old card will be disinfected for issue to a new member.

Q4: How can I use the GREEN$ Mobile App to earn points together with my family?

Members of the public can use the built-in function of the mobile app to share the membership QR code with their family and friends through instant messaging apps (such as WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE, etc.), and encourage them to participate in recycling to earn Green$ points. Their family members or friends can simply present the shared QR code during recycling, and they will earn GREEN$ points under their member's account. Here's how to share a member's QR code:

Instruction on how to use GREEN$ Mobile App

Note: Members must show the QR code instantly generated by the GREEN$ Mobile App in proceeding gift redemption for the purpose of protecting their rights and interests (i.e. QR code image will not be accepted for gift redemption).

Q5: Does the GREEN$ Mobile App keep any personal data?

The GREEN$ Mobile App adopts an operation mode of "phone (but not person) recognition". However, members can choose to provide some simple personal data to allow the system to send personalized recycling information to the members in future. Personal data provided voluntarily by members would be treated confidentially.

Q6: Is it required to submit 2 kg of recyclables for the public to register as a GREEN$ member through the GREEN$ Mobile App?

Starting from 6 January 2022, members of the public can register as GREEN$ members through the following two methods:

Method 1: Members of the public can choose to download the GREEN$ Mobile App from App stores. Upon installation of the App and registration by their phone number, they will instantly become GREEN$ members. The process does not require 2kg of recyclables submitted to qualify their membership.

Method 2: Members of the public need to submit at less 2 kg of recyclables at the first time of recycling. After simple registration with the staff, members will receive a Green$ Card and become GREEN$ members.

Q7: If a member registered through GREEN$ Mobile App lose his mobile phone or SIM card, can the staff help to check the past records through the phone number of the member?

As long as a member can receive verification code through the registered phone number, the member can continue to operate his/her GREEN$ account as usual with a new mobile phone or SIM card.

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