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Green Road - A Pilot Scheme on Recycling Booth cum Environmental Education Workshop for Rural Villages

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The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) set up some ad hoc recycling points in rural villages to promote clean recycling in late 2020, and also introduced smart recycling system and other recycling related information through the Community Smart Recycling Vehicle which toured around in various rural villages. Good responses were received from village representatives and villagers who expected the EPD could do more to strengthen waste reduction and recycling support in rural areas.

In this connection, EPD launched a 6-month pilot scheme (the Scheme) called Green Road (which carried the meaning of instilling green living culture in rural areas) in Sha Tin, Tai Po and North District in September 2021. A non-profit organization, namely Endeavour Environmental Education Foundation Limited, has been appointed through open tender process to provide the following services under the Scheme:

  • Setting up recycling booths to receive eight common types of recyclables, including plastics, paper, metals, glass bottles, regulated electrical equipment (REE), small electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps and tubes, and rechargeable batteries. Green Road has a unique reward scheme to provide instant gift redemption in exchange for recyclables at recycling booths. Villagers can earn reward points and redeem special rewards; and
  • Recycling booth is set up together with environmental education workshop. There are at least two different themes in each workshop. Through face-to-face interaction, villagers would not only make practical green handicrafts or souvenirs, but also learn how to apply green tips in their daily lives as well as proper source separation of waste and clean recycling.

Participating rural villages in Sha Tin:

  • Tai Wai
  • Tai Shui Hang
  • Ngau Pei Sha
  • Siu Lek Yuen
  • Kak Tin
  • Wu Kai Sha and Cheung Kang
  • Pai Tau
  • Chek Nai Ping

Participating rural villages in Tai Po:

  • Nam Wa Po
  • Ha Wong Yi Au
  • San Wai Tsai
  • Tai Hang
  • Lung Mei
  • Ping Long
  • Fung Yuen
  • Pan Chung
  • Yuen Leng Lei Uk
  • Chung Uk Tsuen
  • Kam Shan Village
  • Wai Tau Tsuen
  • Kau Lung Hang
  • Sai Keng
  • Tseng Tau
  • Che Ha
  • Sai O

Participating rural villages in North District:

  • Sheung Shui Heung
  • Ping Yeung
  • Kwan Tei
  • Kam Tsin
  • Ho Sheung Heung
  • Ko Po
  • Wu Kau Tang
  • Ha Shan Kai Wat
  • Fanling Wai
  • Lung Yeuk Tau
  • Kan Tau Tsuen
  • Wa Shan Tsuen
  • Tai Tau Leng
  • Lei Uk
  • Wo Hop Shek
  • Hung Leng
  • Hang Tau
  • Loi Tung
  • Leng Tsai
  • Tai Tong Wu
  • Siu Hang San Tsuen
  • Tai Po Tin
  • Fan Leng Lau
  • Ying Pun
  • Kai Leng
  • Tong Kung Leng
  • Kat O
  • Tam Shui Hang
  • Ping Che
  • Tsz Tong Tsuen

The Scheme received positive feedback from village representatives and villagers. As at late November 2021, over 11 tonnes of recyclables were collected under the Scheme. We anticipate that residents of rural villages in Sha Tin, Tai Po and North District will continue to support the Scheme and participate in recycling booths and environmental education workshops to achieve “Dump Less, Save More, Recycle Right”. For the latest schedule and details of the Scheme, please refer to the Facebook page of Green Road or contact the Scheme hotline at 2671 8005.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021 to Tuesday, May 31, 2022