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Do's and Don'ts of Paper Recycling


Image of DO Office paper (e.g. letterhead, copy paper, business forms) and photocopies
Image of DON'T Thermal fax paper
Image of DO Colour paper
Image of DON'T Adhesive removable notes
Image of DO Newspapers
Image of DON'T Overhead transparencies
Image of DO Index cards
Image of DON'T Carbon paper
Image of DO Computer printouts
Image of DON'T Blueprint paper
Image of DO Envelopes and folders (remove adhesive flaps and plastic windows)
Image of DON'T Cellophane
Image of DO Standard business cards
Image of DON'T Plastic- or wax-coated paper (e.g. milk cartons, candy wrappers, photocopy paper wrappers and drink boxes)
Image of DO Brochures, magazines, newsletters, unclassified reports, books and telephone directories (remove plastic covers, plastic-coated paper and ring binders)
Image of DON'T Lunch boxes, paper cups or plates
Image of DO Corrugated cardboard and toilet roll cartridges
Image of DON'T Napkins, tissue, paper towel
Image of DO Packaging paperboard (if not on plastic-coated paper)
Image of DON'T Film
Image of DON'T Self adhesive stickers or those with glue or tape
Image of DON'T Foil gift wraps
Image of DON'T Paper or cardboard that is contaminated with paint, chemicals, food, etc.