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Waste Reduction Projects

Environment and Conservation Fund Waste Recovery Projects

Non-profit Making Organisations to undertake Waste Recovery Project on Recruiting Buildings in Old Districts to Participate in the Source Separation of Waste Programme

The territory-wide Programme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste (SSW) was launched in 2005, aiming to enhance waste recovery and to reduce waste. Up to October 2014, over 2,000 housing estates/ buildings (representing over 80% of Hong Kong’s population) have been enrolled in the Programme. Yet, the rate of implementation of SSW in old districts remains low due to these old buildings’ physical constraints which have hampered the practice of SSW. Most buildings in the old districts are single-block without sufficient communal space, and usually not managed by property management agencies. Without a strong local community network, recruitment for SSW will not be satisfactory even when intensive manpower resources are put in.

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) would like to call for NGOs, who have a strong tie with local resident groups, to help promote SSW in old districts through the subsidy of Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF). By making reference to some successful Waste Reduction Projects (WRPs) in old districts, EPD has formulated a “Model Project” to facilitate interested NGOs to prepare application proposals fulfilling ECF’s requirements. The Model Project approach introduces mainly employment of a team of environmental/ recycling ambassadors to promote SSW implementation, provision of waste plastics collection service for the old buildings, and operation of a Community Recycling Centre in the local neighbourhood to exchange brought-in waste plastics by local residents with daily commodities. Under this approach, NGOs may undertake projects and recruit buildings in old districts to participate in the Source Separation of Waste Programme.

Any NGO which is interested in the funding scheme, please refer to Guide to Application for detailed application procedure or call 2838 3111 for more information about the scheme.

Applicants should complete and return the Application Form to the ECF Secretariat together with the necessary supplementary information.