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Pilot Scheme on Collection and Recycling Services of Plastic Recyclable Materials

To enhance the recycling system and the recycling quantity of waste plastics, as well as to encourage public participation in waste separation and recycling, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) will roll out a two-year pilot scheme in Eastern District, Kwun Tong and Sha Tin to provide free collection services for waste plastics from non-commercial and non-industrial (non-C&I) sources.

Under the pilot scheme, the EPD will hire contractors to collect all types of waste plastics, such as different types of plastic bottles, containers and utensils, packaging materials and polyfoam, directly from non-C&I premises in the districts, including public and private housing estates, schools, public institutions, as well as Community Green Stations and Community Recycling Centres under the management of the EPD, for further treatment to produce recycled raw materials or products for the local or external markets, so as to ensure proper handling of the collected waste plastics. In addition, the contractors will conduct regular publicity and promotional activities and set up mobile collection points so as to educate the public on proper recycling while collecting waste plastics.

The contract for Eastern District is the first contract awarded under the pilot scheme, and has commenced the Service on 20 January 2020. The pilot scheme will soon be rolled out in Kwun Tong and Sha Tin Districts, anticipating to commence the Service in the second quarter of 2020.

For any non-C&I premises in Eastern District interested in participating the pilot scheme and knowing more about the location of mobile collection points, please contact our contractor - Success Grand Environmental Limited at 2835 6328 or visit our contractor's website(