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Recycling Bins in Public Places

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) takes over the management of recycling bins in public places such as roadsides from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) starting from 1 October 2020.

The EPD has progressively replaced the labels on the recycling bins in public places with the new design. The recycling bins in public places will be enhanced to achieve ‘Bigger Capacity, Easy Reporting’.


“Bigger Capacity” – the litter compartment currently connected with the recycling bins will be changed to collect recyclables such as waste plastics to increase the collection capacity and help the public avoid putting litter into recycling bins by mistake. This should help increase the cleanliness of recyclables collected along the roadside.
“Easy Reporting” – new labels with a QR code and service hotline number will be put on the recycling bins to enable the public to report matters such as overfilled or damaged bins to improve the efficiency of the recyclables collection contractor in taking follow-up actions. Each recycling bin has independent QR code and Recycling Bin Code. Members of the public could scan the QR code to access the online form, in which the Recycling Bin Code and Location will be automatically filled in, opinion or enquiry on Recycling Bin Overfilled or other matters could then be selected to report. Members of the public can also call 6623 6343 or via WhatsApp to enquire matters about the roadside recycling bins.


The Clean Recycling QR code is also printed on the new label. The guidelines on clean recycling can be accessed by scanning the QR code to understand each type of recyclables and the proper procedures on clean recycling.

Members of the public can make use of the mobile application “Waste Less” of the EPD to locate the recycling bins nearby or being placed in public places. Apart from showing the locations of the recyclables collection points through maps and instant search, the “Waste Less” mobile application also provides relevant information and knowledge on recycling.

Statistics of Recycling Bin Operations