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Green Lunch Charter

As announced by the Chief Executive in the 2009-10 Policy Address, to further reduce food waste, promote healthy living and inculcate the values of caring for the environment among students, the Environment Bureau and Education Bureau are jointly inviting all schools to sign a Green Lunch Charter. Upon becoming a party to the Charter, in providing lunch to students on campus, schools endeavor to adopt- Lunch in the multi function hall
  1. 1. reusable food containers and cutlery; and
  2. 2. on-site meal portioning approach

This is a voluntary scheme to reflect the commendable commitment of schools to seek to reduce food waste and disposable containers, protect the environment and serve a balanced meal to students.

The Green Lunch Charter ends on 1 July 2016.  Schools are encouraged to sign the "Food Wise Charter" to reduce food waste at schools.