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Program on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste


Useful Resources

  • Promotion Programme on Source Separation of Waste - Free waste separation bins
    The Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) is cooperating with EPD to launch the Promotion Programme on Source Separation of Waste to distribute free waste separation bins to commercial and industrial premises with a view to enhance waste recovery by improving hardware and expanding the variety of recyclables to be recovered.

    If the plastic waste separation bins and metal waste separation bins placed in the premises have been used for three years and five years respectively, and have been damaged or deteriorated, the property management companies can apply to ECC for bin replacement. For other replacement reasons, ECC Secretariat will consider the application on a case-by-case basis.

Useful References:

  1. "Waste and recycling systems for commercial and industrial premises" by NSW EPA
  2. "A Guide to Implementing Recycling Systems in Multi-tenanted Office Buildings" by Ministry for the Environment, New Zealand