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Looking for Listed Construction & Demolition Materials Recyclers

Streamlining the Collection of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Materials by Recyclers that Manufactured Recycled Works materials

Application to Becoming a Listed Recycler


This note seeks to set out the criteria for becoming a listed recycler, which is the Government’s measure to streamline the collection of construction and demolition (C&D) materials by recyclers that manufactured recycled works materials. This note also invites interested parties to submit relevant materials to the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to become a listed recycler.



The Government is committed to promoting the green procurement policy, in order to protect the environment and to lend momentum to the development of the environmental industry. It is important to encourage the use of recycled works materials in Government public works projects. This could on one hand achieve the purpose of protecting the environment, and on the other, promote local recycling industry.



According to the then Environment, Transport and Works Bureau Technical Circular (Works) No. 31/2004, projects which generate C&D materials are generally required to dispose of the materials at designated public filling facilities or landfills. Furthermore, public works contractors of the projects are encouraged to use their best endeavours to identify other sites or projects where such materials can be used, subject to the approval of the subject Architects/Engineers/Supervising Officers/Maintenance Surveyors (hereinafter “subject officers”).

Streamlined mechanism


For the easy reference by subject officers and to better promote the recycling of the C&D materials in public works projects, the Government has set up a mechanism to work out a list of recyclers.



To satisfy the requirements for inclusion in the list, a recycler has to apply to the EPD and submit documentary proof stating that it meets the following conditions:


The recycler's plant has to be set up in conformity with the statutory plans, lease conditions as well as environmental requirements stipulated under the relevant legislation;


The recycler is able to provide a certificate issued by a credible independent checker that the operation of the plant is capable to produce the proposed recycling products (e.g. recycled aggregates) generated from local C&D materials; and all sorted wastes will be disposed of at designated waste disposal facilities specified under the Waste Disposal Ordinance (Cap 354); and


The entrance of the recycler’s plant should be monitored by a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), and the records captured should be kept by the plant operator for at least 3 months.



Upon receiving the applications, EPD will, together with relevant departments , vet these applications and conduct visits to the applicant’s plants as deemed necessary. The list of recognised recyclers can be found here. To ensure that the list is up-to-date, recyclers on the list are required to submit updated information to EPD on an annual basis for verification.

Application to EPD


Interested parties may submit the relevant documents to the following address:

  Environmental Protection Department
  5/F, Centre Parc
  11 Sheung Yuet Road
  Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
  (Attn : Mr. SO Siu-hong)

For enquiries, please contact Mr. SO Siu-hong at 3690 7736 or via email at

Environmental Protection Department
April 2015