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Join Source Separation Programme & Other Waste Reduction Programme

Programme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste Enrolment Form

Name of Residents’ Organisation /
Property Management Company :
Name of Estate / Residential Building :
Address of Estate/
Residential Building :
Name of Contact Person :
  • We would like to propose the above housing estate / building to sign up to the Programme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste, and agree to set up appropriate waste separation facilities / arrangement to facilitate the residents to participate waste separation at source and recycling activities * [Please see Note 1-2].
  Our housing estate
  Our housing estate
  Our housing estate
  Our housing estate

Note 1: We will encourage residents to participate source separation of waste through education and promotion.
Note 2: We will liaise directly with cleansing contractor(s) / recycler(s) for collecting recyclables and request the waste recycler(s) to return receipts recording separately the quantities of waste paper, metals, plastics, used clothing, computers, electrical and electronic appliances etc. collected after each collection exercise, and keep such receipts. Based on the receipts received, we would submit the monthly recyclable statistics to the Environmental Protection Department for the participation of annual Commendation Scheme. Please refer to the following link for the submission methods:

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