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To strengthen the support for waste reduction and recycling at the district level, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) is actively building a new community recycling network, including Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores and Recycling Spots, and promoting different initiatives across the territory with a view to gaining more support from the public to go green and instill a green living culture in the community.

All Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores and Recycling Spots accept at least eight common types of recyclables, including paper, metals plastics, glass bottles, regulated electrical equipment, small electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps and tubes, and rechargeable batteries, etc. The recyclables collected would be sorted and then delivered to the downstream recyclers for subsequent processing. 

To facilitate and encourage the public to use the community recycling facilities, the EPD introduced the GREEN$ (Greeny Coins) smart card on 16 November 2020, for the public to earn GREEN$ and exchange gift items. Members of the public bringing not less than 2 kg of recyclables to the new community recycling network can register to get a GREEN$ smart card. By showing the GREEN$ smart card or the QR code image printed on the back of the card in subsequent submission of recyclables, the public can earn GREEN$ for redemption of gift items. (GREEN$ FAQ) The "GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme" offers gifts including mainly daily necessities and groceries, as well as environmentally friendly products, such as bamboo tissues, towels and recycling bags, for redemption to increase the environmental awareness of the public, and to gradually integrate the practice of waste reduction and recycling into daily life.

GREEN‌@COMMUNITY has been rebranded to become a new community recycling network. It uses the word "green" as the concept and the homophonic number "6" in Cantonese as the logo. Its design is also consistent with the prefix "G " of “GREEN” and its form is similar to the common recycling symbol, with meaning of going green in endless cycle.

Recycling Stations

Since 2015, the EPD has engaged non-profit making organisations to operate Recycling Stations (formerly known as Community Green Station) through open tenders. The Recycling Stations proactively connect with housing estates and property management companies in the respective districts to establish a service network through different recycling programmes and educational activities. Recycling Spots (mobile booths for recyclable collection) are also set up at public places and collection vehicles are deployed to collect recyclables in the districts. 

As of August 2021, there are 11 Recycling Stations in operation across the territory. The Recycling Stations have collected over 13,500 tonnes of recyclables, conducted more than 8,000 environmental education events in the form of exhibitions, presentations, workshops or other activities and received more than 2,300,000 visitors.

Click here for more details about Recycling Stations.

Recycling Stores

Since 2020, the EPD has engaged non-profit making organizations in setting up a network of Recycling Stores at convenient locations across the territory, with a view to enhancing its support to community recycling. The enhanced service includes:

  • Extended daily service hours (from 9am to 7pm)
  • Increased service days (Open every day except Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays)
  • Night-time self-service recycling
  • Recycling Spots operating at regular location and weekly schedule
  • A social media page to promote waste reduction and recycling

Click here for more details about Recycling Stores in individual districts.

Recycling Spots

To facilitate and encourage the public to practice source separation of waste and clean recycling, the EPD has progressively set up over 100 Recycling Spots at regular location and weekly time schedule since the 4th quarter of 2020.  The Recycling Spots are located near single block and 3-nil residential buildings, where waste separation facilities are limited, to facilitate the residents to participate in recycling, so as to achieve "Save More, Recycle More".

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Recycling Stores
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