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Pilot on Smart Recycling System

Banner of Pilot Scheme for Smart Recycling System

To promote smart city development, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has launched a Pilot on Smart Recycling System (the Pilot), introducing progressively smart recycling facilities in the community to assess the local application of such system.

The Pilot is divided into two phases. In the initial phase, a "Community Smart Recycling Vehicle" is touring around various districts to promote Smart recycling System, as well as the collection services of recyclables, including waste paper, metal, plastic, glass, fluorescent lamps and tubes, rechargeable batteries, small electrical appliances, and Regulated Electrical Equipments (REE), provided by the EPD’s community recycling facilities such as Community Green Stations (CGSs) and Community Recycling Centres (CRCs).

In the next phase, the vehicle will commence its operation as a mobile smart recycling point to provide recyclables collection services at fixed destination and time schedules. Smart Recycling System will also be set up in the Eastern CGS, Tuen Mun CGS and two CRCs, members of the public can then earn electronic bonus points for gift redemption through the system.

Details of the Pilot Scheme:

Community Smart Recycling Vehicle