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Pilot on Smart Recycling System

Banner of Pilot Scheme for Smart Recycling System

To promote smart city development, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has launched a Pilot on Smart Recycling System (the Pilot), introducing progressively smart recycling facilities in the community to assess the local application of such system.

In the initial phase of the Pilot, a "Community Smart Recycling Vehicle" is touring around various districts to promote Smart Recycling System, and let the public experience the operation. It also promotes the recyclables collection services [including waste paper, metal, plastic, glass, fluorescent lamps and tubes, rechargeable batteries, small electrical appliances, and Regulated Electrical Equipments (REE)], provided by the EPD’s community recycling facilities such as GREEN‌@COMMUNITY, Recycling Stations and Recycling Stores.

Smart Recycling System has also been installed in EPD’s community recycling facilities (including GREEN‌@TUEN MUN, GREEN‌@EASTERN and GREEN‌@TAI KOK TSUI as well as GREEN‌@TAI PO HUI which will be opened in Feb 2021) for a one-year technical trial. Members of the public can experience smart recycling operation in these facilities. Moreover, the EPD also rolled out the Green$ IC cards in November 2020. Members of the public can earn electronic bonus points for gift redemption in all Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores and Recycling Spots.

Details of the Pilot Scheme:

Community Smart Recycling Vehicle

Smart Recycling System in Recycling Station and Recycling Store