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How To Join

How to Join the Programme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste
Any housing estate or residential building can join this Programme by having the property management company, Incorporated Owners' Committee or Owners' Committee do the following:
Step 1: Submit Application
Complete the Online Form, or
Complete and submit the Application FormMS Word to the Waste Reduction and Recycling Group of Environmental Protection by email or fax (Fax No.:3121 5730; Email:
Step 2: 'Tailor-made' Waste Separation Mode
Decide on the most suitable waste separation mode, depending on the physical setting and characteristics of each building (e.g. whether there is a refuse room on each floor).

Step 3: Set Up Waste Separation Facilities
Procure / install the necessary waste separation bins or other waste separation facilities for collecting recyclables. These should allow for the collection of waste paper, metals and plastics. Further information can be found in the Non-exhaustive List of Local Suppliers of Waste Separation Bins On Each Floor. If your housing estate / building would like to buy 3 coloured waste separation bins on ground floor, you may wish to refer to the Non-Exhaustive List of Local Suppliers of Waste Separation Bins.

Housing estates / buildings can apply for free waste separation facilities for placement on the ground floor of each building block or commonly accessible areas via the Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC)’s Promotion Programme on Source Separation of Waste.  Details of the application can be clicked here.

Residents can also set up their own waste separation facilities in their homes.

Step 4: Educate Residents
Organise education and promotion activities at your housing estate / building to encourage residents to recycle. Participants are encouraged to design and produce their own education and promotion materials tailor-made to the waste separation system that they have adopted. Standard education and promotion materials and other education and promotion support are also provided by the Waste Reduction and Recycling Group of Environmental Protection Department. Electronic copies of the standard Poster and Leaflet can be downloaded here.

Step 5: Collect Recyclables
Collect recyclables on a regular basis and keep the recyclables collection point in a hygienic condition. Arrange for the collection of waste paper, metals and plastics by a waste recycler(s). Periodic collections should also be organised for other types of reusable or recyclable items, such as clothing, waste electrical & electronic equipment, computers, and etc.

To find outlets for reusable / recyclable materials, refer to the Directory of Recovery / Recycling Companies which provide collection service for housing estates / buildings and Collection Points of Used Items.

Step 6: Submit Monthly Record
Log the quantities of paper, metals, plastics and other reusables / recyclables collected and submit the Monthly Record SheetMS Excel  to the Waste Reduction and Recycling Group of Environmental Protection Department (Fax No.: 3121 5730, Email: ). Estates / buildings can also input and submit their monthly recyclable statistics via the website of the Source Separation Programme. This data is fed into the Commendation Scheme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste and will be used to determine the winners of the Commendation Scheme.

Additionally, participants are advised to record their baseline waste data before commencing the Programme, to track the Programme's effectiveness. This should include such information as monthly quantities of recyclables collected and the number of refuse bins emptied each day.

The information provided would be used solely for Programme on Source Separation of Waste/ Commendation Scheme and EPD's statistics. The EPD will not disclose the information provided by Property Management Company or Resident Organization to any third parties without Property Management Company or Resident Organization's prior consent.

For Enquiry, please dail the EPD Customer Service Centre hotline at 2838 3111