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Waste Paper Collection and Recycling Services

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) is rolling out waste paper collection and recycling services programme by engaging contractors through service contracts to collect waste paper (including cardboards, newspapers and office papers) from the street corner recycling shops/ mobile recyclers/ frontline collectors across the territory for further processing. After collecting the waste paper, the contractors will carry out screening, sorting and baling, etc. locally, and then selling the waste paper to various markets for recycling to paper products, thus turning waste into resources. We hope that this service programme could maintain or even enhance the quantity, quality and value of local waste paper, promote the sustainable development of local waste paper recycling industry, and act in concert with the green recovery in Hong Kong, support the circular economy and relevant employment opportunities as well.

Through open tendering exercise, we have awarded contracts to 17 contractors on 31 July 2020 for the “Waste Paper Collection and Recycling Services” (see the list below). All the contractors will have a Preparatory Period of not more than 3 months to set up collection networks, processing plants and fleets, and to recruit employees, etc. Depending on the preparation progress of individual contractor, it is anticipated that the contractors will commence the services progressively from September to October of 2020.

The contractors and associated partners (including street corner recycling shops and mobile recyclers, etc.) are required under the contracts to provide economic incentives during the Service Period to purchase waste paper that meets the specified quality standard, i.e. not contaminated by water, other impurities and waste, etc., from frontline collectors at a price which is not less than the designated recovery price of waste paper (i.e. not less than 70 cents per kilogram in the first 6 months, and from then on the price will be adjusted every 3 months according to the actual selling price of waste paper in the market). We hope these contracts could encourage clean recycling and enhance the overall quality and market competitiveness of local waste paper, thereby providing support to the entire waste paper recycling industry with stabilisation of employment opportunities in the industry, including frontline collectors. For enquiries about the Incentive Scheme, please call EPD’s designated hotline at 2872 1818.

List of Service Contractor
If any Paper Recyclable Materials Producer (e.g. residential organizations, institutions, companies, property management companies), street corner recycling shops, or mobile recyclers are interested in participating or knowing more about the waste paper collection and recycling services, please contact our contractors for enquiries.

Contractors (in alphabetical order) Enquiry Hotline
Baguio Waste Management & Recycling Limited 2541 3388
Eco Enrich Company Limited 2388 8037
Environmental Protection Trading Limited 2656 6298
Hoi Kong Holdings Limited 2461 8583
KPSS聯營 (Chinese name only) 2472 6668
Lau Choi Kee Papers Company Limited 2755 7526
Luen Woo Sang Waste Paper Limited 6123 5521
Man Wah Import and Export Co. 2794 1298
New Glory Environmental Recycling Services Co. 2676 2055
On Kee (HK) Environmental Recycling Limited 2422 2841
Profit Forever International Enterprise Limited 2610 0258
Tak Lee Metal & Paper Co. 2543 5377
Tat Kee Environmental Limited 2659 5828
Wai Sang Waste Paper & Metal Company Limited 2447 1723
建迅&景樺 (Chinese name only) 2375 0018
順和順盈聯營 (Chinese name only) 2318 1133
瀚文及文領 (Chinese name only) 5686 8326


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