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Other Collection Points

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Roving exhibition of Prototypes of Newly Designed Roadside Recycling Bins and Litter Containers
Eight types of recyclables
In addition to the Community Recycling Network, including Community Recycling Centres and GREEN@COMMUNITY, the following 8 types of recyclables can be delivered to:
Material Type
Recyclable Materials
Collection Points
Save BB Paper
Waste Paper

Cardboard (Corrugated Fiberboard), Office Paper, Newspaper, Books and Magazines

*Remove plastic coated pages, plastic tape and other non-paper materials, and keep the waste paper dry.
Save BB Metals

Iron Cans, Cookware, Aluminium Cans

Except Aerosol Cans, Chemical Containers
Save BB Plastics

Beverage Plastic Bottles, Personal Care Product Plastic Bottles

Plastic Containers, Plastic Bags, Plastic Utensils, CD and Packaging Materials
Except Plastic Products with Metals, Rubber and Silicone Products, Other Composite Materials (e.g Play Clay, Plastic Tape)
e.g. Polyfoam Boxes, Fruit Sleeve Nets, Protective Polyfoam Materials
Save BB Glass

Beer/Wine Glass Bottles, Cooking Oil/Seasoning/Sauce Glass Jars, Beverage Glass Bottles

*Remove the caps and rinse the containers before recycling.
Collection Points of Glass Management Contractor
Regulated Electrical Equipments (REE)
Air-conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Televisions, Computers, Printers, Scanners and Monitors
WEEE Recycling Hotline: 2676 8888
WhatsApp: 6081 5096 / 9227 3822
Save BB Small EEA
Small Electrical Appliances
e.g. Cookers, Toasters, Ovens, Hair-Dryers, Vacuum Cleaners, Electric Fans, Irons, Mobile Phones, Telephones etc.
Recycling Organisations and Collection Points
Save BB Fluorescent Lamp
Fluorescent Lamps and Tubes
Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Other Fluorescent Lamps (including Straight Tubes and Other Shapes)
Except Light-bulbs
Related Programme(s): Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme
Save BB Rechargeable Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries
Portable Rechargeable Batteries, Small Electronic Device Batteries, General Purpose Batteries
Except Vehicle Batteries
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